No Kingdom

by Coy Trix

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Album download includes two live bonus tracks, video, and lyric book


released December 7, 2017

Terence Richardson - Bass
Huli Curry - Drums, vibraphone
Paul Chianese - Guitar
Brian Lance - Keys
Eric Mack Johnson - Vocals, guitar, synth

Abigail Shiman - Violin
Erica Zappia - Viola
Helen Newby - Cello

Written, recorded, and produced by Eric Mack Johnson with Coy Trix at the Potrero Mt. Palace of Unfine Arts in San Francisco

Mixed and mastered by Bijan Sharifi


all rights reserved



Coy Trix San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Soldier
Soon to be a soldier in the march
The big march
Join my brothers marching through the years
Cry one tear
Flags they were waving in their hands
Big brass band
I can hear their cheers when they cry
Long live life

Cutting streets, passing pamphlets
You’re all just wasting time
I was there on the Speedway
It died in '69
Now they tweak out on Haight Street
They’ll stab ya for a dime
There’s too much to watch on TV
Who cares, why even try?

Bound to get those pinkos with the stiff
Thick wallet
You, you were playing to their hands
Che headbands
Their dreams made me tingle at night
No I cannot help you as I jingle
Jingle past

So long and if you’re Saigon
Your limbs are blowing off
If you raise little chickens
They peck at Goldman's socks
But that’s just one arrow
Our quiver’s got a lot
We take aim when we are sober
Our bows, our bows are taught
Track Name: No Kingdom
Back in the garden we colored our senses
Laying in grass, catching the rays
You stood on a stone and you
Looked like a
Greek god
Most of the time in memory’s haze

What was it like when you flew from the mission?
Nothin at all, a moment of grace?
Now all our friends hold
A part of you
In their own
Around your tree, a circle of flames

Are we on our own?
Is there no kingdom?

Cleaned up, been working, turned over new leaf
Broke up with my girlfriend, she’s mad at me
But when our bodies are gone, what’s left?
Will our love be enough to get free?

Are we on our own?
Is there no kingdom?
Track Name: Voice
Came up
Got what’s mine
Worked this land for years
Watered with my tears

Hand in mine
Lying in the truth
Fallen but they shoot

Silent wake
But my voice let it shake

Push back
Stand your ground
There’s violence in the street
We’re peaceful in the street

Take back
Flag comes down
We’ll build it on our own
They’ll follow once it’s shown
At home

It runs in our blood
But all blood runs
I wanna push wanna shove
But I’m told love
Wanna shout so my voice is loud
Echo crowd
No gifts from up above
That’s love
Track Name: A Light That Fades
Beat like a bird in hand
Terrible freedom
A love I can’t stand
So dance / so dance / romance / let’s dance

I hold up a light that fades
Can’t help but mergin
Color bleeds when displayed
Okay / today / repay / delay

No I don’t want to look at the light
All I want is what’s inside of me
Tiltin like sunflowers at night
All I want is what’s inside

I know that the sun wants skin
I’m with you I’m spinnin
But I know how this ends
Begins / it ends / begins / to end
Track Name: Feels Good Had Fun
It feels, it feels good
We had, we had fun
They done got burnt
We both got off

We sure had one helluva run
Full of honey, now gettin stung
And if they’re gettin bigger them waves
At least we’re here together in cage

Fertile grave
End of days
Be afraid
But get paid

Why you always making me fight
Well suck out every drop you can find
I’m prayin but they come down likes knives
Lightning in the dark of the night

It feels, it feels good
We had, we had fun
They done got burnt
We both got off

How am I to know who to fight
Human or for natural right
As natural as animal greed
I hope the phoenix better than me

Massive seas
Make believe
Earth just sneeze
Shake us free

I feel a buzz and pick up my phone
The feeling’s gone and heaven is closed
You’re fuckin with the wrong bag of bones
I’ve suffered and I know how to hold

I know how much love to hold
I gave my faith, I gave my soul
I came back empty
Now I've got nothing left to lose

I know how much love can give
I’ve got family, I’ve got kids
But they don’t know me
And they can never know the truth

If I just had a script to read
Or some scars from a machine
I could do this
I could really make a move

They don’t know they’ve done the deed
Stars are dead but they’re still seen
They’re made of movement
God can’t tell ‘em what to do