Whoever You Are

by Coy Trix

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released June 28, 2014

Huli Curry: Drums, vibraphone
Terence Richardson: Bass guitar
Paul Chianese: Guitar
Eric Mack Johnson: Vocals, guitar, synth

Hayley Goldstein: Vocals
Brian Lance: Organ, keyboard
Rob Marsh: Keyboard

Written by Eric Mack Johnson with Coy Trix
Recorded at the Potrero Mt. Palace of Unfine Arts in San Francisco
Mixed by Jay Pellicci at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco
Mastered by John Cuniberti


all rights reserved



Coy Trix San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Home
Gentrified blocks they like to talk a lot
"Too many squares, not enough females"
Downtown docks are filled with riot cops
I learned how to steal out there in Oakland
Which is where I was born, but I did not grow
Grew Wolf Berry which I trip about
Love from my family, cut from a pine
When I move on I try to bring my

I want to bring my home around with me

When I get down I walk around town
Hands in my pockets, eyes to the ground
Walkin up north cuz south slope is hell
Ain’t no home like a jail cell
Crack back blocks break apart and hide
I wanna build up, you know the green kind
But it’s hard to grow up with the same truth
Stay in the pews, don’t drink no blood at

I want to bring my home around with me
You gotta build your home around you
I want you to feel home around with me

I want to bring my home around with me
You gotta build your home around you
I want you to feel home
Track Name: Whoever You Are
Whoever you are
Just know that I am myself
I am who I want to be
Pretending that I'm someone else

Whoever you are
May the wind be at your back
May god hold you in the palm
The palm of his broken hand

I'm happy I'm not
Just one of those wretched folks
Whose thoughts are just their overcoats
I'll never be as lost as those

I'm happy I'm not
Just one of those nasty brutes
I'll kill them all, I'll take their loot
I'll be a spark, I'll be a spook

I am soft, I am anxious
Blood drips down her blouse
She's at home, she is banged up
Now she knows what I'm about
I am strong, I am dangerous
Come on clock now punch me out
Track Name: Just Be Yourself
Just be yourself
You'll make it cool I know
I like your style
Just keep on doing yours
You'll pass the test
You'll wake up right on time
If you're vibing out
You'll come back just fine

As the trips pile up
Shadows get stuck
Flip a light, it’ll change
Feel everything

I’ve hopped the Midnight Ghost
Walked tightrope, seen new worlds
But I live in one
That's how I get shit done
When there's knocking at the door
Swing open, face your foe
Climb inside its skin
Look out through eyes within

As the trips pile up
Shadows get stuck
Flip a light, it’ll change
Feel everything
Track Name: Ragtag Bunch
We're heading upstate
Just a ragtag bunch on the side of the road
She's in the back seat
Well she looks so high in the morning air
And she says, "My friends, we stay up all night,
Your friends, they just pout and fight."
Okay, I'm tired of that line
Oh well, we're just wasting...

I never got head
I just pulled down my pants and my light went off
It's not my problem
Well I had my health in a bottle of booze
She said, "Oh boy! You were on my mind,
Hot damn! You were looking fine."
Okay, better than a stick in the eye
Alright, we're just wasting

When I come to town she acts like she knows me
But we go straight to bed, that's all we do
When I'm not around she claims she forgets me
She said, "I never needed, boy, I won't start with you.
I don't run with trash, I drink on the weekends.
This ain't your beat baby, go on run home!"

And then I dug her
She made me pull her hair and we went all night
I said "I love you" and she kicked my ass right out of her bed
And she said, "Don't mess with me ol' flat foot.
I'm bad, I never learned to cook."
Oh wait, you don't get off till late?
Okay, I guess I'll have to
Track Name: Waking Up
If you’re what, what I want
Then what am I looking for
And if you’re what, what I want
Then what am I waiting for
My heart is in the back seat
My brain is on the pedal
I toss, I turn, I don’t sleep
I can’t turn off the thought machine

I see you in your water weight
And I know that I bit on the bate
I see through to your nervous gaze
Let go and try to fake the same way
When you’re down, when you’re down on me
I’m thinking of all my other feelings
When you’re down, down on him
He thinks of all his other women

If you’re what, what I want
Then what am I looking for
And if you’re what, what I want
Then what am I waiting for
My heart aches, it misleads
My brain is causing trouble
Now that we’re between sheets
My bones bust and buckle

And the way that your stomach folds
And the way your tits hang to the floor
And a boy who sticks up his nose
And goes home to watch another porno
When I wake, when I wake too soon
I wig out, wanna get out the room
When I wake, when I wake too soon
I freak out, gotta find a new tune
Track Name: There Goes My Lady
There goes my lady, away with someone else
I know I have changed, I notice myself
I take a cure now, a pocket of shame
I can feel the highs and the lows all the same
I ride my bike now, too crowded bus
I remember drinking gin on the N Judah

There goes my lady, away with someone new
I know I can change, I'll find someone too
Cuz each day gets better, the farther we grow
I forget the the way she talked about my borough
And now when I see her, I start to think
How would it be making love? Would it feel distinct?
Track Name: Perfect The Sound
Is there anyone in this city
Does anyone here still dig this town
Will I find them by looking out
Or should I stay inside and perfect the sound

Where will I find her
In the vacation basement
Will she lock her bike right next to mine
Will we fumble with our gazes

I saw her praying at the chapel
She can only sing at a tombstone
Well she don’t believe all that she hears
But she does enjoy the people

Where will I find her
Will I ever feel, ever feel, ever feel at home
Will she answer if I call her
Will she pick up on her tiny telephone

I wanna have a big potluck
All my friends at a big big table
We can eat all the freshest foods
We can talk shop with our neighbors
Track Name: String It Along
String it along
Well I don't care how it feels
Holding you back
There's a ripe part to every deal
Well I know it's gone, that says a lot
I gotta do right by do right by you
It's a siren song, can't turn it off
I gotta do right by do right by me

Not looking for love
I’m looking for a partner in crime
We can open it up
But that never seems to work out right
Monogomy don’t bother me
But forever never made any sense
I ain’t got no key, no heart on tree
But it really makes no difference

I’d love to
Yeah, I’d love to
I'd love to have a coffee
I'd love to hear you think
But if you try to put the handcuffs on
I'll ignore everything
Cause love weighs like a heavy book
And I’m too stoned to read
And no we ain’t gonna be just friends
If you’re lying here next to me

Box it back up
Gotta keep that girl on the shelf
Not calling you back
Not when you're sleeping with someone else
If you're in my bed I can't trust my head
I won't do right by do right by you
This ain't what you want, that’s on another front
I gotta do right by do right by me
Track Name: Dream
Lost in a dream
What kinda dope painted this scene
Run to cross the road
Can’t tell how far those headlights go
Start to make the climb
My heart it beats, my knots unwind
Fogs rolling in
We’re perched on top of Lone Mountain

Up on that mountain top
I had a spooky thought
I felt myself fade
I joined the clouds, floated away
I could be anyone
My dreams have come undone
The ghost in my machine
He's just a sheet, air underneath

Turned and he said
That’s not you, that’s just in your head
You gotta body too
He hugged me, feet back in my shoes
When strings start to break
and it feels like it’s too much to take
Go on shake a leg
Cuz what's you are the moves you make

We started hiking down
Feeling better now
I knew who I was
But those clouds weren't done with us
And they said, you silly human stew
You're just a witch's brew
Your recipe went wrong
You'll soon be gone, so so long
Track Name: Beehives
Please don’t bust us out of here
Please don’t bust us out of here
We eat our waste but we drink our fear
All the flowers taste like bitter beer
Oh my queen, I know that she’s gonna save us
See how mean, its your poison that makes us
In these dark days we fight for our wages
With the sleaze you spray, we start to love our cages

And the hive is growing fast
There's never enough to eat
And her eyes are glowing black
They're darker than anything

And her thoughts are good
Her thoughts are big
They are real

And her dreams are good
They are a mirror
They are real